Oct 7, 2010

Arab’s Most Beautiful Cities | Attractive tourist destinations

Arab” the land of dreams, opportunities and endless growth. Its a wonderland, where the entire desert has been converted into amazing skylines. Its a place for magnificent modern architecture and some unbelievable land fills. This place has some of the most expensive cities in the world. In recent years Arab has become one of most attractive tourist destinations in the world. I have never been to this place, eager to visit it soon after having this wonderful photo journey. Every picture in this collection is associated with a interesting story. Just click on the picture to know more about these cities and about these wonderful photographers.

stefan EdwardsKuwait (Courtesy Stefan Edwards)
Saleh AlRashaid_1Kuwait (Courtesy Saleh AlRashaid)
Saleh AlRashaidKuwait (Courtesy Saleh AlRashaid)
friend_faraway -Dubai (Courtesy AZLAN HASHIM)
sminky_pinky100Abu Dhabi (Courtesy sminky_pinky100)
Lord Muttley McFesterDubai (Courtesy Lord Muttley McFester)
saharshDuabi (Courtesy saharsh)
StephenJR Dubai (Courtesy StephenJR)
StephenJR_1Dubai (Courtesy StephenJR)
Fahad Al NusfKuwait (Courtesy Fahad Al Nusf)
Steve RossetDuabai (Courtesy Steve Rosset)
Steve Rosset_1Dubai (Courtesy Steve Rosset)
splash sodaDubai (Courtesy splash soda)
Ahmad HusainKuwait (Courtesy Ahmad Husain)
B737NG Dubai (Courtesy B737NG)
Ulrich MünstermannAbu Dhabi (Courtesy © Ulrich Münstermann/ www.munstermann.net)
Mohamed-Qatar QATAR (Courtesy Mohamed-Qatar)


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