Dec 17, 2007

Hidden Circles Illusion

Hidden Circles Illusion

How many circles can you spot? Hint: There’s 16 circles and 9 lesser complete circles. Focus on the X to see them.
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The Top 12 E-Mail Mistakes

Your e-mail is as much a part of your professional image as the clothes you wear,
the postal letters you write (assuming you still do), the greeting on your voice mail
and the handshake you offer.

If you want to impress on every front and build positive business relationships,
pay attention to your e-mail and steer clear of these top twelve e-mail mistakes:

1. Omitting The Subject Line.

We are way past the time when we didn't realize the significance of the subject line.
It makes no sense to send a message that reads "no subject" and seems to be
about nothing. Given the huge volume of e-mail that each person receives,
the subject header is essential if you want your message read any time soon.
The subject line has become the hook.

2. Not Making Your Subject Line Meaningful.

Your header should be pertinent to your message, not just "Hi" or "Hello."
The recipient is going to decide the order in which he reads e-mail based on
who sent it and what it is about.
Your e- mail will have lots of competition.

3. Failing To Change The Header To Correspond With The Subject.

For example, if you are writing your web publisher, your first header may be
"Web site content." However, as your site develops and you send more information,
label each message for what it is, "contact info," "graphics," or "home page."

Don't just hit "reply" every time.

Adding more details to the header will allow the recipient to find a specific document
in his/her message folder without having to search every one you sent.

Start a new message if you change the subject all together.

4. Not Personalizing Your Message To The Recipient.

E-mail is informal but it still needs a greeting.

Begin with "Dear Mr. Broome," "Dear Jim," "Hello Jim," or just "Jim."

Failure to put in the person's name can make you and your e-mail seem cold.

5. Not Accounting For Tone.

When you communicate with another person face to face,
93% of the message is non-verbal.

E-mail has no body language.

The reader cannot see your face or hear your tone of voice
so choose your words carefully and thoughtfully.

Put yourself in the other person's place and think
how your words may come across in Cyberspace.

6. Forgetting To Check For Spelling And Grammar.

In the early days of e-mail, someone created the notion
that this form of communication did not have to be letter perfect.


It does.

It is a representation of you.

If you don't check to be sure e-mail is correct,
people will question the caliber of other work you do.

Use proper capitalization and punctuation, and always check your spelling.
Remember that your spellchecker will catch misspelled words,
but not misused ones.

It cannot tell whether you meant to say

"from" or "form,"

"for" or "fro",

"he" or "the."

7. Writing The Great American Novel.

E-mail is meant to be brief.

Keep your message short.

Use only a few paragraphs and a few sentences per paragraph.
People skim their e-mail so a long missive is wasted.

If you find yourself writing an overly long message,
pick up the phone or call a meeting.

8. Forwarding E-Mail Without Permission.

Most everyone is guilty of this one, but think about it.
If the message was sent to you and only you,
why would you take responsibility for passing it on?

Too often confidential information has gone global because of
someone's lack of judgment.

Unless you are asked or request permission,
do not forward anything that was sent just to you.

9. Thinking That No One Else Will Ever See Your E-Mail.

Once it has left your mailbox, you have no idea where your e-mail will end up.
Don't use the Internet to send anything that you couldn't stand to see on
a billboard on your way to work the next day.

Use other means to communicate personal or sensitive information.

10. Leaving Off Your Signature.

Always close with your name, even though it is included at the top of the e-mail,
and add contact information such as your phone, fax and street address.

The recipient may want to call to talk further or send you documents
that cannot be e-mailed.

Creating a formal signature block with all that data
is the most professional approach.

11. Expecting An Instant Response.

Not everyone is sitting in front of the computer with e-mail turned on.
The beauty of Internet communication is that it is convenient.
It is not an interruption.
People can check their messages when it suits them, not you.

If your communication is so important that you need to hear back right away,
use the phone.

12. Completing The "To" Line First.

The name or address of the person to whom you are writing is actually
the last piece of information you should enter.

Check everything else over carefully first.

Proof for grammar, punctuation, spelling and clarity.
Did you say what needed to be said?
How was your "tone of voice"?

If you were the least bit emotional when you wrote the e-mail,
did you let it sit for a period of time?

Did you include the attachment you wanted to send?

If you enter the recipient's name first,
a mere slip of the finger can send a message before its' time.
You can never take it back.

E-mail makes everything easier and faster including making a
powerful business impression and establishing positive professional relationships.

The businessperson who uses the technology effectively and appropriately
will see the results of that effort reflected in the bottom line.
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Dec 14, 2007

Top 9 unique structures soon to be built

obviously, construction technologies are advancing extremely quickly. couple that with multi-billionaires / deep-pocketed companies trying to outdo each other in the quest for the next standout design and you have a near-future filled with mile-high skyscrapers and buildings that no longer look like buildings.

below are 9 strange and unique structures which have either been approved or are in the final stages of approval. some have already been partially constructed.

welcome to the future landscape.

1. aqua, usa

From a distance this skyscraper, to be completed in 2009 in Chicago, will seem quite traditional. it'll only be when you get close and look up that you can appreciate the ripple/jelly effect created by variously sized balconies from top to bottom.


2. chicago spire, usa

chicago spire, usa

The phenomenal Chicago spire, when completed in 2010, will be the world's tallest residential building and the tallest building of any kind in the western world. seemingly modeled on the image of a giant drill poking through the ground, the 609m structure will dominate the Chicago skyline.

chicago spire, usa

3. cctv headquarters, china

cctv headquarters, china

At a modest 234m the cctv building isn't going to stand out from a distance. however the design and shape is a crowd stopper to say the least and will be another incredible addition to Beijing's skyline in time for the 2008 Olympics. the shape, described as a 'z criss-cross' results in a very high, seemingly unsupported corner at the front. let's hope there's a glass floor up there.

cctv headquarters, china

4. regatta hotel, jakarta

regatta hotel, jakarta

Taking on a nautical theme, the developers say the 10 smaller towers represent sailing boats whilst the larger building is 'the lighthouse'. it's the lighthouse that steals the show for me, possibly the most incredible looking structure I've seen for a long time. if it ends up looking anything close to these pictures I'll be impressed.

regatta hotel, jakarta

5. residence antilia, india

residence antilia, india

construction has begun on residence antilia despite opposition from those who see it as an 'excessive' design in a city where more than 65% of the population live in slums. politics aside and after you recover from the initial shock of seeing a skyscraper that resembles an ikea cd rack, the building actually looks like it may succeed as a stunning, unique, green piece of architecture.

6. russia tower, russia

russia tower, russia

topped with an observation deck over the city of moscow, russia tower will become the tallest building in europe when completed in 2012 and twice the height of the eiffel tower. construction has already started on this angular beast which was designed by foster partners, also responsible for the gherkin and spaceport america, currently in development.

russia tower, russia

7. penang global city centre, malaysia

penang global city centre, malaysia

following months of speculation and sturdy opposition, this humungous project is in the final stages of approval and apparently construction will start very soon. even so, due to the size of the plan it will take at least 15 years to complete. resembling a sci-fi city, the area will be crowned by 2 x 200m towers and completely transform the small island of penang.

penang global city centre, malaysia

8. gazprom headquarters, russia

gazprom headquarters, russia

this gigantic, 300m tall glass flame of a building will house the gazprom headquarters in st. petersburg, dwarfing all structures in its vicinity. it will apparently change colour up to 10 times per day depending on the position of the sun. the building has already been nicknamed 'corn on the cob' by unhappy locals.

gazprom headquarters, russia

9. burj dubai, dubai

burj dubai, dubai

this is the big one. when completed next year it will be the tallest man-made structure in the world and the tallest building by a long shot with a predicted height of 818m. note: currently the tallest building on earth, excluding an antenna, is taipei 101 in taiwan which stands at 509m. the photo below is the building's current state: the skyscrapers below the burj dubai used to look tall.

burj dubai, dubai
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Dec 7, 2007

Magic Fish Spa

Magic Fish Spa
A newly emerged “fish spa” is becoming fashionable in many hot spring resorts, and has attracted even more customers, all curious about this peculiar treatment. In Japan, fish are being used in spa treatments. I’m not pulling your leg, although these fishes might. The customer soaks in water stocked with fishes that nibble on their skin, removing dead cells and reportedly clearing up skin conditions.
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Dec 5, 2007

A special Christmas tree made of potatoes

Chilian Potato Christmas Tree
Peruvian Potato Christmas Tree is shown at a local institute in Lima December 4, 2007. Students made the tree using 98kg (216 lbs) of potatoes. At first sight, you may thing this artificial tree is nothing special. Actually, tell you, Peru has some very special potatoes which grows 3,950-meter-above-sea-level Andes
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