Oct 5, 2010

5 Spectacular Beaches in Italy | Mondello Beach | Maria Beach

Italy, one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, is endowed with spectacular beaches to esteem. Spend the most amazing vacations, enjoy the sun and feel the smooth sand of the peninsula. Complemented by breathtaking scenery and joyful people, explore our top 5 best coastlines and have fun on the amazing Italian land.

Domus de Maria Beach – Domus de Maria is a one of the most famous coastlines in Sardinia. For travelers looking for innovation, the site is spectacular. Wild and unspoiled by urbanism, Domus de Maria is an amazing location to spend a relaxing vacation. Throughout the shore, tourists will also find camping opportunities, as well as plenty of dwellers who want to have fun. Appreciate the gorgeous sun, feel the breeze of the sea and enjoy a ravishing retreat along such rejuvenated Italian shore.
Castiglione della Pescaia – Unlike other regions in Italy, Castiglione della Pescaia Beach is more traditional and cultural. The superb country view and the inspiring sea will recreate the best ambiance for tourists. Eye catching, mysterious and old fashioned, visitors will definitely be amazed by the overview. The coastal city nearby, as well as the medieval castle will make up for the perfect ambiance for romantic travelers. Furthermore, you can even esteem how fishermen are putting their skills to the test, or participate at their traditional beach parties.
Mondello Beach – Mondello Beach is more than just a simple coastline in Palermo, Italy. It’s also an entertaining avenue full of shops, pubs and bars for the people to take advantage of. In addition, the location offers plenty of activities as well, especially during the summer season. Appreciate the beautiful sea, dive into the blue waters and try out diving with the fish, or snorkeling for instance. As for the food, tourists will have the amazing chance to uncover magnificent Italian tastes available along the inviting bistros spread all over Mondello Beach.
Piscinas Beach – Recognized for its attractive dunes of sand, Piscinas is like a small Italian wasteland but gorgeous and out of this world. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its astonishing sites, the location is perfect for couples and families alike. Enjoy the relaxing vibe of Piscinas Beach, benefit from the array of amenities and have a great time. The landscape is additionally surreal, while the unique dunes make the beachs so spectacular. The relaxing surroundings and the sound of the sea will make people fall in love with Piscinas, especially because it has a private vibe appealing to visitors.
Marina Piccola Beach – The small bay of Marina Piccola is located on Capri Island. Suitable for tourists who want to escape from the urban and noisy Italy, the coastline is the right place to appreciate. Enjoy the tranquility and sense the romantic tone of Marina Piccola Beach. Accommodate at the nearby hotels, have fun and spend quality time with your loved one. Explore the breathtaking Italian setting, walk along the shore and get your skin tanned under the baking sun. Moreover, swimming and diving are also highly recommended for tourists interested to discover the marvelous underwater life of Italy.


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