Sep 20, 2010

World's Most Beautiful Flower Seas

1. Provencal Lavender Garden
Romantic Provence has an intoxicating sea of lavender. Provencal lavender is located in the south of France. Since its inception,
it has prudently been kept a secret until an Englishman named Peter Mayle discovered it. Provence’s unique life style was gradually uncovered.

2. Hokkaido Flower Sea
“If you are the one” makes beautiful Hokkaido Flower Sea and deep sea momentarily fashionable in the world. It lets people love this place in an instant. This place which is called the “Eastern Provence” will become a sea of flowers every summer day. You can enjoy the happy time and sweet smell.

3. Holland Tulip Flower Sea
When the blossom season comes, the tulips and other flowers blossom in the garden of the northern Dutch town of Schagen. A riot of colorful tulips blossom in the wind and send out fragrances. Although the meaning of tulips is "hopeless love", the beauty can let you feel happy at this moment and feel full of the world’s love ….

4. Bulgaria Rose Valley
Bulgaria is a rose kingdom. Kazanlak is the area that plants the most roses in Bulgaria. Rose Valley’s Rose Festival will be held in the first week of every June. The Festival Parade is held over five days and has various activities such as selecting the Rose Queen, Rose Picking Ceremony, dancing, singing and best dress.

5. Qinghai Menyuan Rape Flowers
Menyuan in July is known as the golden sea under the Qilian Mountain. The common blue sky and white clouds over the plateau picks out Qilian snowy mountain,rape flowers along the Haomen River, both sides become a wide and unique wonder. A vast expanse of this gold looks very colorful like a huge picture and is deeply touching. The power blots out the sky and the land gives us abundance to think. Several hundred thousand rape flowers form a special scene. When blue, green and yellows are blended with nature, the astounding beauty can hardly be expressed.

6. India’s Sunflower Garden
Sunflowers, the flower provided by the sun, bringing hope to humans. Its beauty is her sunshine and energy. The fable says that a farmer's daughter named Minggu in ancient times was abused by her stepmother. Once her stepmother was angry, Minggu’s eyes were taken by her stepmother as she slept. Minggu escaped but died later. Then a bright yellow flower bloomed on her grave. It is sunflower. It shows that Minggu loves the light but hates black night. This famous story inspires people to hate dark forces and seek the light. So many places have beautiful sunflowers in the world. India is one of them.

7. Taiwan’s Daxi Flower Sea Farm
Colorful Sea of Flowers, simple houses and fresh plain neighborhood girls, both of them bring out the best in each other. There is no farm like the Daxi Flower Sea Farm that has as many idol series coming here for the view. “Green Light Forest”, “My secret garden 2”, “Land of promise cloth”and ten other idol series. It becomes a hot scenic spot to shoot idol series in the north of Taiwan.

8.Amsterdam’s Daisy Sea
Daisy means hidden love. “Daisy” which acts the leading role by Ji-hyun Jun touched every audience's heart. But the beautiful daisy garden is never forgotten. This daisy sea belongs to Holland’s Amsterdam. Every blossom season, the flaky daisies with bridge and brook make your soul feel like clouds.

9. America’s Carlsbad Flowers
Carlsbad is located between Los Angeles and San Diego. Because the climate of Southern California is richly endowed by nature, it benefits from the perennial warm sunshine. When spring comes back, the flowers are everywhere. The Carlsbad flower farms are very famous. Every spring, by mid-march until early may, 50 acres of hillside fields in Carlsbad farms are covered with colorful flowers. This is due to the different colors of flowers being planted in subarea and also in different intervals. It makes the integral effect, look very beautiful, spectacular and pleasing.


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