Sep 8, 2010

How to get dark Colored Mehendi | How to apply designs

How to get dark Colored Mehendi & types of designs and patterns

He could be proud who discovered that when the leaves of the mehandi plant (Henna ) when pulped and applied the skin color would be changed into orange color. And the major thing is that it had even acquired a major place in the beauty tradition of our country. Now Mehandi Ceremony is an indispensable part of marriage in various parts irrespective of traditions or caste. In villages the children plucks, grinds and applies in round and square shapes where as in cities the concept is entirely different.

Now the Mehandi (Henna )is a part of modern life. Now the city girls also applies it during any important days or during any programme. But the specialized beauticians apply it with designs. This Mehendi is used color nails and even at last to the wedding bridegrooms mehndi patterns. The are thousands of Mehendi designs like

In short, it can be used instead of wearing ornaments. In these designs, we can even make more attractive by using glittering items. If we know, some technology we can our self prepare and modify it. Now a day the Henna powder is available in market in different names such as mehandi, Mehendi so that no need to search around fro its leaves. Even the readymade cones are available which is ready for applying. This cone can be prepared at home itself.

Mehendi Preparation

We can even prepare the mehandi in dark red colors too. Let us see its preparation:

Firstly, gently separate the other component from the Mehendi and add about 4 pieces of tamarind then a teaspoon of sugar, this component should be put inside half cup of water. After filtering just put some salt powder in it then into this, mix about 100gram of henna powder with around 10-12 drops of eucalyptus oil. Then keep this paste for an hour. This paste is similar to that of our ordinary toothpaste but with only a single difference i.e. with that of its color.

If it is difficult to make the solution of tamarind and sugar then we could use the boiled black coffee with the water of two lemons and some vinegar. But if we use the second method then before applying the paste just massage the body part with some eucalyptus oil to make more reddish. Since the Mehendi makes the body temperature cool, it is advised not to be used by the people suffering from fever. After applying with in a short time, it sticks into our body. Then apply 1/4th tablespoon of lemon water with some sugar.
How to remove Mehendi

Before clearing out Mehendi from the applied part apply the previous solution two or three times, but while washing we should not use chlorine or salt water as it may reduce the color.
How to get dark Colored Mehendi?

If the color of the Mehendi is not too dark, then apply a little tiger balm over it then automatically the color increases. The color remains as such for about 15 days.


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