May 12, 2010

Protection symbol tattoos in thai | Protective Tattoo

Thai tattoos are much more than just decorative arts. People who stuffed them, they believe that each tattoo has protective properties. It is in search of protection of people gather at the temple Wai Khru every spring. The ritual associated with protective tattoos is a combination of traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Brahmin faith, and animism.

The faithful come to pay homage to their religious teachers and get a tattoo made with their hands. It's not just a tattoo, but the magic play of patterns. It is believed that after tattooing provides protection, but in a country where human life does not differ particularly stable, such protection is particularly needed.

Wizard tattoos using long, sharp needles. Photos taken at the festival of tattoos Wai Khru in Bangkok.
It is believed that the tattoo designs which develops the master himself, have protective properties.
The faithful believe that the tattoos would protect them from violence.

Each year, the faithful returned to the temple, adding to his body more and more new designs

And outside, under the hot Thai sun, the faithful meditate.

Covered spirits, prisoners in their tattoos, they enter into a trance.

Believers imitate Hanuman - the divine monkey, as well as lions, tigers, bears, and eagles.

It is believed that in the ink, which makes the tattoo contains a special ingredient that probably includes a snake venom. Many believe that these ingredients help to cause a hypnotic state.

In a state of trance believers fled to the temple in front of the crowd.

When you enter a trance believers shouting, screeching and howling.

To curb those who went into a trance, requires considerable endurance and strength.

At the end of the ceremony, a crowd gathers at the ledge of the temple, where one of the Temple pours upon them the sacred water.


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