May 24, 2010

10 Mistakes of science we get from school

There are some misunderstandings in the implementation of science in public that need to be corrected truth.
Here there are approximately 10 misconceptions about science that circulate in the community.

1. Water IS blue, not Just Because of the Sky
(Blue colored water caused not only a reflection of the sky)

Many believe that the lake and the blue sea "Only" because they reflect the blue sky. Actually, the water looks blue because they are really blue. Water molecules absorb light, and they absorb red frequencies more than the frequency of blue, so the frequency of blue appeared on the surface. Effect was small, so the color blue to be seen more clearly when observing layers of water or in dense enough. In salt water or mineral springs, mineral colors of decay can be seen.

Perefleksian color of the sky also provides a role for the blue ocean, but only when surface water is very calm and only when water was observed with a small kesudutan around 10 degrees.

2. Electricity does NOT travel at the speed of light
(Electrik / electricity does not travel at the speed of light)

Many textbooks claim that the electricity (electrons) flow through the cable runs at the speed of light. The fact is, the energy of fast flowing elektriklah (which is still slower than the speed of light). Electrons, which has mass, can move at the speed of Beautiful light by using the theory of relativity. The speed of the electric charge in electric current is very slow, around several centimeters per hour. In places where electric currents can be seen, as in electrophoresis, slow movement of the carrier can be seen directly.

3. Seasons are NOT the Same length
(Season deemed to have the same time period)

Because the earth moves faster in its orbit as it approached the sun, summer in the southern part of the earth / winter in the northern part of the earth is the shortest time for the season, with summer in the north or south of the longest winter. However, the difference is only felt a few days, while on Mars with an eccentric orbit, the difference was huge.

4. You will not get a cold a just from low temperature
(You will not get the flu from the cold only)

Has become a widespread misconception in the public that the common cold can be caused by cold weather. Reality, the common cold is caused by a virus and has nothing to do with low temperature or cold.

5. Saturn is NOT the only planet with rings
(Saturn is not the only planet that has rings)

Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have rings around them, although that was in Saturn's rings are the most obvious and easily seen.

6. Pls are NOT hot meteors land on Earth they want
(Meteors are not hot when it landed on earth)

When a meteor landed on earth, meteors are usually not hot like most of the meteor in Hollywood movies. Usually, only warm. Meteor velocity sufficient to melt the outer surface, but the material that melts quickly separated, and the interior of the meteor did not have time to heat up because rocks are poor heat conductors.

7. Clouds do NOT form Because of the water's temperature
(The cloud is not formed due to the influence of air temperature)

Is the wrong knowledge that the clouds are formed from the cold "hold" less water vapor than warm air. Air does not have the capacity to contain water vapor. Only the temperature of the water itself (and vicinity) which causes the humidity, condensation process, and then the formation of clouds.

8. People DID know Earth was not flat before Columbus
(People already knew the earth was not flat before Columbus)

Some believe that Christopher Columbus had difficulty in receiving support because the people of Europe believe that the earth was flat. In fact, sailors and navigators at that time knew that the earth is round, but (correct knowledge) do not agree with estimates from Columbus of the distance to India. If America does not exist, and Columbus went on his journey to India that actually, he will not be able to survive longer to achieve.

9. The Great Wall of China is NOT particularly visible from space
(China Great Wall not visible from space)

At the time in low orbit, the Great Wall of China can be seen from outer space but not as unique from the digembor rant. From the low earth orbit, many artificial objects can be seen on earth, not just the Great Wall of China. Highways, ships at sea, dams, railways, cities, rice fields, and several buildings.

As has been claimed that the Great Wall of China is a man-made objects are visible on the Moon, Apollo astronauts have reported that they did not see any human-made object from the moon.

10. There is NO "dark side" of the Moon
(There is no dark side (which is always dark) of the month)

Months in orbit synchronous (synchronous orbit), this means, the moon menmbutuhkan exactly the same time to rotate once on its axis with the rotation of the earth. So the moon has the far side / rear / dark / outside, because it always gives the same to the earth's surface when it rotates. When the moon is estimated to be between the Sun and Earth, it dalah time "lunch" at the far side / outside / back of the moon and the night for the side facing the earth. When the Earth between the sun and moon, the part that much experience when "night" and "lunch time" for the part which faces the earth.



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