Apr 30, 2010

10 Fun Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia, offers a world of opportunities for fun and adventure. Here's a list of at least ten things you don't want to miss when you come to the land of Oz.

1. Beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can, of course, take the pedestrian or cyclist's route, but the real fun is in making the effort to get to the top and the wonderful view once you get there. The entry price varies according to the day of the week. Being attached to solid ground by a harness and the shaking of the bridge due to the rushing traffic below tends to be a bit frightening for the faint of heart. However, if you're not easily scared, this is a great opportunity to get some exercise and some Beautiful to boot.

2. Watch a play or opera in the Opera House. Sydney's iconic Opera House is good for more than just photo opportunities. Check the official website for up-to-date information on performances that may interest you. There are often opportunities to watch an opera while enjoying a meal or high tea.

Photo: wayfaring

3. Visit Darling Harbor. Located in the Central Business District of Sydney, Darling Harbour is a place of recreation and entertainment. There are numerous distractions here, including museums, entertainment centers, a casino, the Sydney Aquarium, and Sydney Wildlife World.

Photo: planetware

4. Visit Taronga Zoo via the ferry and cable car. The zoo cares for 2,600 animals, including several Australian Birds and species.

5. Visit Sydney's oldest pub Fortune of War, which was established in 1828. Located in the historic locale of The Rocks, Fortune of War maintains a rustic charm in its d├ęcor and personable, friendly service.

6. Try the local cuisine. Known as Bush Tucker, the local cuisine incorporates some ingredients that may come across as strange. But if you've never tasted a kangaroo or a crocodile before, how do you know you won't like it? The locals love it, and the kangaroo comes highly recommended.

7. Visit Manly Beach, which is a 40 hour ferry ride from Sydney, and Bondi Beach. Both of these are extremely popular with the locals and tourists.

8. Experience the wine tasting tours that take you through the Hunter Valley region. Far more, than simple servings of wine and cheese, these tours incorporate a range of interesting activities, including exploring the vineyard, speaking with winery owners, and sharing a meal or two with the other travelers.

Photo: QGuide

9. Visit the Blue Mountains. Rather than a mountain range, the Blue Mountains is more of a plateau featuring large eroded gorges. When viewed from a distance, the mountains appear to be tinged with blue, hence, the name.

10. Visit Katoomba Scenic World. The most famous attractions are the Scenic Railway and Scenic Skyway. The railway is purportedly the steepest in the world. Scenic Skyway, which is also cable driven, features a floor that changes from opaque to transparent, so those in the cabin have the sense of flying over the gorge.

Photo: Charlie Brewer
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Apr 24, 2010

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