Sep 2, 2009

Beautiful colored pencil artworks | pencil sculptures

The most beautiful artworks using pencil as a medium. What we have here is a collection of artwork from various artists, which we are sure, will take you by surprise, For most of us 'Pencil' is not more than an a writing instrument, but you will be surprised to know that artists create some beautiful pencil artwork

Sculptures and Jewelry By Jennifer Maestre: It's quite a miss when you talk about pencil sculptures and you don't see artwork created by Jennifer Maestre. To make the pencil sculptures, she takes hundreds of pencils, cuts them into 1-inch sections, drills a hole in each section, sharpens them all and sews them together.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 1Artwork With Pencils (39) 2Artwork With Pencils (39) 3Artwork With Pencils (39) 4Artwork With Pencils (39) 5(Image credit: etsy).
Artwork With Pencils (39) 6(Image credit: thisis).

Felissimo's 500 Colored Pencil Set For Social Designer: Felissimo designed these for Social Designer, the complete set of 500 colored pencils consisting of 20 units. Its upto you how imaginative you can get with it; Stretch them out, roll them up or display your pencils as you are with the pencils themselves.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 7(Image credit: socialdesigner).
Artwork With Pencils (39) 8Pencil Bench: Boex 3D Creative Solutions designed this award winning 'Pencil Bench' & the seat is made up of 1600 pencils which can be removed & used.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 33Artwork With Pencils (39) 34Artwork With Pencils (39) 3572 Pencils by George W. Hart: It's a geometric construction of 72 pencils, assembled into a work of art. "Restricted to a signed limited edition of twenty-five, each shares a common form, yet each is unique."

Artwork With Pencils (39) 16Artwork With Pencils (39) 17Artwork With Pencils (39) 18Tara Donovan's Colony: The artwork created by her is really amazing!

Artwork With Pencils (39) 20(Image credit: bbc).

Artwork With Pencils (39) 21Artwork With Pencils (39) 22(Image credit: andculture).

Pencil Sculptures by Robert Levine:

Artwork With Pencils (39) 11Artwork With Pencils (39) 12Artwork With Pencils (39) 13Artwork With Pencils (39) 14Artwork With Pencils (39) 15Pencil Carving: Mizuta Tasogare and Kato Jado create these amazing pencil carvings.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 24Artwork With Pencils (39) 25Artwork With Pencils (39) 26Pencil Cube: It measures 5 x 5 x 5", created using pencils and glue.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 19Tom Friedman, "Untitled," 1995, Pencils: It looks like one continuous "loop" of pencils.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 23Pencil Furniture: These pencil sculptures were made exclusively for faber-castell, using thousands of sharpened 'castell 9000' pencils by German artist Kerstin Schulz.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 27Artwork With Pencils (39) 28Artwork With Pencils (39) 29Pencil Art: Its created by an Australian artist, who creates beautiful work of art using pencils as canvas. A self-taught illustrator, who moved from the area of stencil art to exhibit his illustration work worldwide. Here is the gallery of his pencil art.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 30Artwork With Pencils (39) 31Artwork With Pencils (39) 32Pencil Sculptures by Bob Van Breda: These were on display at the Lincart Gallery in San Francisco through October 20, 2007.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 9
Artwork With Pencils (39) 10Some more interesting stuff:

Color Pencils: Artwork created in Finland by Jonna Pohjalainen.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 36Fence Made Of Pencils:

Artwork With Pencils (39) 37Fence made out of pencils.

Everything Color Circle: Creation of Brooke Inman.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 38
Artwork With Pencils (39) 39
Beautiful Colors:

Artwork With Pencils (39) 40Pencil Wall:

Artwork With Pencils (39) 42Moustache Pencil:

Artwork With Pencils (39) 43Tiny Twig Pencil: Adorable tiny twig pencils are made from real twigs! Measuring a petite 3.5" tall, the end has been wrapped in a pretty variating green and yellow embroidery thread.

Artwork With Pencils (39) 44


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