Jul 7, 2009

15 Beautiful Designs Plant Pot | Modern plant pots

Solar Powered Plant Pot

Collection of modern plant pots and creative flower containers perfect for stylish indoor and outdoor gardening.

Self-Watering Plant Pot
This self-watering plant pot’s main feature is a medical drip feed. This unique characteristic allows the plant to be nourished with water when needed.

Self-Watering Plant Pot

Book Plant Pot
Why not turn some of your old books into plant pots? That is exactly what Tokyo Pistol design agency did with theirs.

beautiful Book Plant Pot

Dish Drip Plant Pot
Great design that lets the water from your drying dishes drip into the plant pot and water your flowers.

beautiful Dish Drip Plant Pot

Fabric Pots
Decorative containers made from waterproof and breathable fabric. This innovation allows the soil to aerate naturally, contributing to healthy root systems and plant growth.

beautiful Fabric greenhouse pots

Plant Pot Covers
Use them to decorate your house and give a smooth touch to your plant pot, while protecting your furniture from scratches.

beautiful Plant Pot Covers

Tab B Plant Pot
This unique design combines an ashtray with a plant pot. The pot sits on top of the ashtray, concealing it both visually and aromatically.

Creative Tab B Plant Pot

Light Bulb Plant Pot
Summon-The-Wolves shows us how to reuse old light bulbs.

Creative Light Bulb Plant Pot

X Tray
A set of 5 ceramic pots. The pots can be configured in several ways, including an “X” shape or in a straight line or in an “L” shape.

Creative X Tray ceramic pots

Solar Powered Plant Pot
This stylish designer plant pot soaks up the sun’s rays in order to charge internal battery that powers several built-in LEDs.

stylish Solar Powered Plant Pot

Umbrella Plant Pot
This creative pot design allows rainwater from your umbrella to drain into the plant pot.

creative pot design allows rainwater

Plant Pot Pillow
Unusual pillow shaped pot for plants made of PVC foam that expands according to the plants growing needs.

Creative Plant Pot Pillow

JVC Sound Garden Plant Pot
“Kirikabu” sound garden combines your choice of potted plants with multi-directional speakers.

amazing JVC Sound Garden Plant Pot

Digital Plant Pot
This cool looking plant pot measures soil conditions, temperature, and water - calculates these variables based on the need of said plant, and expresses its condition via an LCD display.

beautiful Digital Plant Pot

Light pot
Modern pot for growing plants and herbs indoors. It uses LED lighting and can be placed anywhere in the house.

Creative Plants Light pot
beautiful Plants Light pot

Nikon Camera Plant Pot
If you do not have a regular plant pot, you can always use a Nikon dSLR camera for your gardening. Just like Flickr user Dr Cullen.

Creative Nikon Camera Plant Pot


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