Jul 30, 2009

Beautiful Looking Paper Weights | Cool Paper art

Here we have a collection of Beautiful Looking Paper Weights for you to choose from, so what's your choice? Just one other thing, if you run a paperless office then you still can't just skip past this one!

Blue World Paperweight:

Blue World Paper Weights(Image credit: darwinbell).

Cobalt Paperweight:

Cool Cobalt Paper Weights(Image credit: cobalt).

Transparent Paperweight:

Beautiful Transparent Paper Weights(Image credit: tracyhughes).

Blue and Yellow Paper Weight:

Cool Blue and Yellow Paper Weights(Image credit: bungoglass).

Large Blue Moon Paper Weight 5

Cool Large Blue Moon Paper Weights

Dichro Paperweight:

Dichro Paper Weights"Each

Paper Weight is Unique in the Colors that will come forth from the Artists Creation. Each Paper Weight is Signed and Dated by the Artist."

Transatlantic Sail Paperweight:

Transatlantic Sail Paper Weights(Image credit: museumstorecompany).

Earth in Space Paperweight:

Earth in Space Paper Weights(Image credit: 1ststoptravelstore).

Amber Crafts-Paperweight:

Amber Crafts Paper Weights(Image credit: jingya88).

Acrylic Paperweight:

Acrylic Paper Weights(Image credit: ebay).

Zimmerman - Owl Paperweight:

Zimmerman Owl Paper Weights(Image credit: portiapaperweights).

Seahorse And Marine Vines Paperweight:

Seahorse And Marine Vines Paper Weights(Image credit: rafa).

Paperweight with Double Foil Flower:

Paperweight with Double Foil Flower Paper WeightsThese paperweights were made from the 1830s up to sometime early 20th century.

Tropical fish Paperweight:

Tropical fish Paper Weights(Image credit: rafa).

Honeycomb and Honeybees Paperweight:

Honeycomb and Honeybees Paper Weights(Image credit: thefreedictionary).

Rick Ayotte Fruit Paperweight:

Rick Ayotte Fruit Paper Weights

Taracco Carpet Ground Paperweight:

Taracco Carpet Ground Paper Weights

Personalized Paperweight:

Personalized Paper Weights(Image credit: ehow).

Airplane Paperweight:

Airplane Paper Weights (Image credit: museumstorecompany).

Superhero Paperweight:


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