Jan 28, 2009


1. Are you STILL sagging?!?

2. Why do you invest so much time with "jumpoffs" and "bust it babies"?!?

3. Do you WANT to put a ring on it?!?

3. Why is you "diamond chain" more than your house, rent, car note combined?!?

4. Are you still using being "drunk" as a excuse OR do you just want to smash that chick without feeling guilty?!?

5. Why do YOU think the reason is that your ex "bust your windows"?!?

6. And when did taking a shower mean washing ONLY your dick, balls and underarms?!?

7. Why do you get offensive when you hear "womanizer"?!?

8. Then, why did you TRY to rename it as a "ladies man"?!?

9. If you were Katy Perry, would you have turned down being married to Travis?!?

10. Why do you go straight to your friend's house WITHOUT calling first?!?

11. So when your girl calls at two in the morning upset, why do you act like you done NOTHING wrong?!? REALLY?!?

12. Why are you on Lil Wayne's DICK so much?!? Memorizing the whole damn albums?!? Downloading the mix tapes?!? Posters?!? Ring tones?!?

13. Who do you have a man crush on?!?

14. After Kanye West said he'll go "bi", would you?!?

15. Do you expect your girl to ALWAYS clean up behind you because she has since you got together?!?

16. Have you told the people in your life how much you love them or are we still not saying the "l" word?!?

17. Pubic hair or bald eagle?!?

18. Is it okay to not go to court for the stupid ticket you got while driving drunk?!?

19. And when you call someone else "fat", have you been dieting or are the people around you blind?!?

20. Does it REALLY matter how big your dick is (like your going to win a contest?!?) OR is it more important about what you do with your dick?!?


Miss Daja on 12:36 AM said...

good one!
lol..i was sittin here shakin my head to a few questions..cuz thats a few i've been asking a couple of guys lately

Anonymous said...

Those are incredibly offensive.

Anonymous said...

Pretty easy to ask these questions from the other side of the internet, isn't it? Are you this racist in person?

Please stop speaking openly about your Christianity on some pages while being openly racist and sexist on others. People will close their minds to the message of Christ when confronted with such a blatant double standard.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is pretty ignorant of you.

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