Oct 29, 2008

Restaurant Names That May Surprise You

Many restaurants have weird names. Here are a few I found.

Anybody want some Chinese food? This place looks nice, looks like they are the kings of fu. Who knew a restaurant can be the king of fu. Please before you open a business, think of a decent name. And if you do read it and think about it before you put it up. If you are trying to be funny with it, at least make the sign look like your joking!

I love to lick chicks for dinner don't you? This one I actually laughed when I saw it. I could tell they were joking unlike fu king. Some people thing these types of restaurants are gross, but they attract more people than you think. When you see something like these try and make the best out of it and let out a laugh.

How come china has all the weird serious names? This one is just weird, but in china many things are weird to me. One thing is that they eat scorpions. Otherwise this sign is what I was talking about before. Think before you put up a sign for your restaurant. Things like this I would think would gross out customers more than please them!

This has to be the most funniest name every. Even though it is kind of leaning to black person slang, I find it hilarious. I would just want to eat there just to say I at here. Although by the look of the store it doesn't look like they are doing that good. That's fine with me; the name just cracks me up.

I don't know about you but this sounds gross. But believe or not I ate there once, it was okay. But they need to clean up their act. Seriously it's a bad influence for young children and they need to censer it before they get sued. They should reconsider a new name, or at least cut out one part, it drives me nuts!

This one just upsets me. There is no point in making a buffet
with a name like that. Austin Powers already made they joke, you can do it again. This just upsets me, for some reason I don't find this one as hilarious as it seems. But some people may get a kick out of it and eat there some day. So don't take my advice, if you like the names try it!

I love this one. It is censored enough and it is funny. I respect who ever made this store because I love the name. This isn't my favorite name but it is up there. I defiantly want to eat there at one point in my life. It looks so cool and cute. Although they look like they are out of business because no one is inside.


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