Sep 1, 2008

Two Beggars Joke

Two Beggars
Two Beggars

There were two beggars sitting under the bridge for many years. There was no change in their fortune. Once God went to them and gave them three eggs each. God told both of them that They have to express their each wish and then drop the egg to the floor and the wish will be true.

Both were happy. First one used all the eggs and got wealth, health and wife and started living very happily.

Once he was passing the same bridge and to his surprise he saw his old friend second beggar still begging under the bridge. First beggar was surprised he stooped his car and went up to him.

Rich Beggar Dear what is this. You are not changed at all. Did you not use those three eggs?

Poor Beggar, Yes dear. I used all the three eggs but still I am as it is.

Rich Beggar, How come? I used all of them and see toady I am rich, healthy and family man.

Poor Beggar, What to tell you? You know I was fond of sex and sex only. I dropped the egg and wished Maximum possible ˜Instruments to me. My wish was through and my entire body had many instruments, where ever possible on my body.

Rich Beggar, My God. Then?

The Poor Beggar, It was horrible experience. I was looking like animal hanging instruments to all my body.

So I immediately dropped the second egg and wished God. Take away these instruments from my body.

The wish was through and all the instruments hanging to my body vanished. But with this I had a grave problem. I lost my original instrument also due to this wish.

Rich Beggar, O, God. It must be unfortunate and horrible. Then what you did?

Poor beggar,I had no option but to drop the third egg and wish Get me back my original instrument and that is how I lost all the three eggs. Naturally. I am on the same begging spot

Poor Beggar My sad story does not end hear. Since I asked for my original instrument I got it back as of when I was born. It is of no use dear. I have lost everything.


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