Sep 8, 2008

10 Ideas to deal with difficult situations in Life?

Many times we have to deal with difficult people in our workplace or even in family. Conflict ions in mind always occur between people. Views on same situation differ from person to person. We are humans and we have emotions and ego. When something like this occurs, it bothers everyone. How you handle those people who oppose your ideas? How you deal with them to maintain peace and

Here are some 10 ideas to Deal with Difficult People and situations:

1. Wait before responding: The opposing situations or incidents can make you emotionally charged and during this condition your response will only add oil to the fire. Although the opposing person triggers a response from your side but just wait to cool yourself and think before going. When we react instantly without thinking, we are actually giving them what they want. Avoid it.
2. Ask yourself: Before responding to any situation, ask yourself two questions, “what is the worst thing that can result If I do not respond?“ and “what is the worst thing that can result If I do respond?” You will view the whole scenario in the answers of these two questions and find that nothing good will come out of reacting. It will create nuisance and a total waste of energy.
3. Forgive: Forgiveness is the biggest solution. When you forgive the concerned person, you will find that the situation is over and the chapter of hatred is finished in your mind. Life becomes again on an easy going way.
4. Avoid talking about it: People used to keep talking about your conflicting situations of life and you have to repeat the story again and again in front of all expressing your hatred towards that. Do not waste your energy on repeating the story. It will only disturb you and add more hate in your mind towards it. Avoid talking about it again and again.
5. Eliminate Negative People: Try to avoid negative people in your life. Unhappy people will want to bring you down emotionally, so that they are not down there alone. Squeeze any interaction with them. Try to be surrounded by people who have the qualities you admire: optimistic, peaceful and encouraging people.
6. Learn from them: Negative situations give some lessons to our life. Learn from them. Do not let them waste if they occur. Learn how to deal if this kind of situation occurs again in life.
7. Observe yourself: Observe your thoughts, your views and the situation. It will keep you away from emotions. Instead of identifying with the emotions and letting them consume us, we observe them with clarity and detachment. When you find yourself identifying with emotions and thoughts, bring your focus on your breathe.
8. Relax your body: Try any workout or go for a swimming or a run to relax your body to release the negative and excess energy in us. Physical exercise is a good mean to clear your mind.
9. Write instead of speaking: If you feel negative of some people or feeling disturbed of any opposing situation, express your feeling on paper. Write down all your views and feelings on it till the last bit of the situation remains in your heart and mind. Pour all your anger and hate over the paper. Now roll the paper and throw it away. You will feel better and relaxed. Try!
10. Go for light music: Music is a good remedy to wash out negative thoughts in your mind and give a soothing effect. Go for a light and some good music which you like. It will help you.

These are my points and my experience only. How you people cool down yourself in opposing situations of life? Any other good idea??


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