Jun 16, 2011

Coca-Cola Museum 125th anniversary celebration pics

The taste of Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta in 1886, and this month begins their 125th anniversary celebration. You can partake in many activities during the celebration including mini-golf as well as get a 125th anniversary commemorative bottle and purchase an anniversary book while supplies last.

As far as the visit for me, I enjoyed the experience of being able to see the museum as well as try out the many flavors of Coca-Cola from countries around the world. For many of my friends that live in Asia, I tried out most of them. It sure can hype you up after trying them. LOL!

Anyway, here are some pics I took on my trip to the museum that day:
Coca-Cola Museum
The large Coca-Cola bottle displays that are in the lobby.

Coca-Cola Museum
Coca-Cola wall display

Coca-Cola Museum
The Happiness Factory

Coca-Cola Museum
Coca-Cola bar

Coca-Cola Museum
Statue of a man stirring Coke.

Coca-Cola Museum
Coca-Cola signs, displays, and buttons.

Coca-Cola Museum
How the Coca-Cola brand became a business and more displays.

Coca-Cola Museum
More Coca-Cola products on display.

Coca-Cola Museum
Car with a Coca-Cola sign

This is where you can tell exactly how far away you came to this museum and compare it to other visitors, too.

Many Coca-Cola wall displays

Old school Coke machines

Old style Coke machine when they were five cents a bottle. Yeah, way before my time. Haha.

Coca-Cola ads from here and other countries around the world.

More Coke ads from around the world.

This talks about Coca-Cola and the partnership with the Olympics back when the games were played there in 1996.

Popular Coke ads from the past from celebrities such as The Supremes.

Coca-Cola pin collection on display.

More Coke pins on display from countries around the world.

Powerade display of LeBron James and more Coke pins.

Coca-Cola bottles and cans of the brands that they carry are on full display.

The Syrup Tank

A "How to Make a Coke" sign.

Bottle Inspector

The Packaging Robot

The Packaging Robot is in action.

The Bottle Rinser.

The Blender

The Density, Volume, and Carbonation Tests.

Coca-Cole bottles from New Caledonia, Poland, Peru, Burkina Faso, Norway, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

More Coca-Cola bottles from other parts of the world including Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, and Taiwan.

Even more Coca-Cola bottles from other parts of the world including Germany, the Bahamas, Sweden, and Australia.

Large Coca-Cola bottle displays in the main lobby.

Coca-Cola bottle display.

The Environment and Smart Glass Art Collection.

Coca-Cola Bottle at Turner Field.

Refresh Your World is what you see on the wall as you collect a souvenir bottle to take with you.

These are all the Coke bottles to pick from as you can take one with you.


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