Feb 4, 2011

viking shoes: a tutorial, sort of how to make

fellow deviantARTist raymond has requested the last part of the viking shoe tutorial, so - here's how to make the heelcap. beware of bad pictures, messy windowsills, more bad english and a very worn shoe.

as you see, there are five holes in the side flaps, and four on each side of the middle piece.

pull your leather string through the two bottom holes in the middle section, as shown, so that the string have equal lengths on both sides of the cap. i cut my own leather strings, but you can buy pre cut strings for this.

then, from the inside, pull the string through hole number one in one of the side flaps. next, twist it to the inside and pull it back through hole nr two in the middle section, as shown below.

push the string through hole nr 3 in the middle section, and at the same time, through hole nr 2 in the side flap:

then 'sew' back through side flap hole nr 3 and middle section hole nr 4; pull tight and it will look like this:

repeat on the other side and cross the strings:

cross again on the inside of the cap, and pull through the last two holes. inside view:

tie a knot, and you're done.

(the front part of the shoe is 'unstringed' in this picture, that's why the sides are sticking out.)

if you make a pair of these, i would love to see them!


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