Aug 24, 2010

How to stay beautiful-radiant looking while traveling

Traveling to different places is cool but at times it can be very damaging to your face, skin and hair. Different destinations can have different climates and weather, so if you are the jet setter kind, chances are, the harsh effects of differing climate can have a very adverse effect on your appearance.

But staying beautiful even while traveling is still possible, with some fine tuning with your usual beauty tips.

Here are some important tips on how to stay beautiful and radiant looking while traveling;

Whether the climate on your destination is warm or cool, it is a must to bring with you a face and body moisturiser to protect your skin from drying up.

And to avoid bringing too much products, it's best to invest in all in one moisturizers for the face and the whole body.

Sun Cream
If you will be out on the beach or will be visiting a particularly hot and humid place, you need to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays by applying sunblock.

Even if you want a sun-kissed look to carry with you after a vacation, you will still need to apply some sun protection just to make sure you don't over do your tan and get irreparable damage from basking under the sun.

For your lips
Putting on too much lip color, or lip tints that stay too long, can both be drying for your lips. Instead you may want to bring along a medicated lip balm, with SPF and moisturizers to protect your lips from chapping.

It can be better to put on lip gloss instead of heavy lip color to have moist and pretty kissers.

Tame the tresses
Your hair can get easily frizzy when traveling to different places with different weather.

To protect your hair, you can carry along hair conditioning agents and basic shampoo to clean and keep you mane soft and beautiful.

Bring only the basics
To keep your travel hassle free, remember to bring only your basic make up. It is best to apply less make up when traveling and use products that can act in more ways than one, for instance lip and cheek colorants. Also, go easy on your mascara, some may not be well suited in very humid places, so if you can skip the mascara and keep eye color on the minimum, it is best to do so. archipelago sea adventures

While traveling and seeing the world, cut back on the amount of time spent on your beauty routine and enjoy focusing on the new sights surrounding you. Being lively, curious and interested in the world around you is the best beauty tip advice of all.


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