Jun 29, 2010

25 Most Vibrant and Colorful Tattoos

Colorful Tattoos are popular in modern day cultures around the world, and they have come a long way over the years. The colors and the inks that are used in tattoo shops nowadays hold up much better than tattoo inks of the past, and the colors that are available are unbelievable. Because of this there are many amazing extremely colorful and vibrant tattoos, here are 25 of the best we were able to find while scouring the web. Enjoy!

Amazing Mermaid and Sea Scene Back piece

Another Extremely Colorful Upper Sleeve

Nice and Colorful Anchor Themed Sleeve

Creepy yes, but the Colors and Shading are Amazing

Another Colorful Full Sleeve

Beautiful Vibrant Phoenix Backpiece

Nice Colors and Shading on this Full Sleeve

Another Female Colorful Backpiece

And Yet Another Full Color Backpiece

Amazing Full Color Star Wars Backpiece

Full Color Peacock

Amazing and Extremely Colorful Octopus

Colorful My Little Pony

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo

Nice Colors and Shading in this Geisha tattoo

Bright Female Chest Ink Tattoo

A Colorful Fireman Tattoo

Another Awesome Dragon Backpiece

Beautiful and Vibrant Baboon Tattoos

Vibrant Oriental Style Tattoos

Alice in Wonderland Full Backpiece

Another Beautifully Colored Backpiece

Awesome Night Vision Looking Colorful Back piece

Amazing Colorful Back-piece – 7 Deadly Sins

Source:- Houston tattoo removal


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