Mar 29, 2010

How to make a paper bead necklace | beaded jewelry necklaces

Paper bead necklace is super easy to make. Decopatch paper, Things use to Deco patch glue (or other varnish glue like ModPodge), cotton paper beads, ribbon, wooden sticks, needle, glue pencil.

paper bead necklace

Tear pieces of Deco patch paper.

Tear them even smaller as we'll be working on
small paper beads so there will be less creases.

Take a wooden stick and stick it through the paper bead.
You can purchase the cotton paper balls in your local craft shop.

Put some glue in the lid of the jar.

Put some glue on the bead.

Dip your glue pencil in the glue and then pick up a tiny piece of paper with it.Stick it onto the bead and put some more glue over the piece of paper.
Then repeat until the bead is completely covered.

Let 'em dry.

I you like 'em shiny, then add another layer of varnish glue.

When they are dry, remove the beads from the sticks.

String the beads onto the ribbon.

And you're ready to go out!


Anonymous said...

it's nice are you going to make one for me?

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