Nov 8, 2008

World's Most Beautiful Sexiest jewelry

Decorate yourself or your lover with our beautiful Sexy jewelry designed to enhance any lusty evening at home, or out on the town wearing your erotic jewelry under clothing. It's hot! Try one of our always popular naval piercing banana bars from our new body piercing additions.

WingedLion two on a swing

Trapeze Necklace tattydevine

sterling silver 925 lovers ring

rasnickdesigns embrace

liviuslivesey lovers necklace

Kneeling Lovers Charm by Rembrandt Charms

karma sutra ring

karma sutra cookie cutters



Anonymous said...

I love necklace with the couple on the swing. Very romantic.

DoeHands on 11:10 PM said...

where did you find the last image, of the clear plastic rings with the figures inside? I want to know where I can get one or see more like it!

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