Aug 31, 2007

How to cook an egg with mobile phones

How Two Russian Journalists Cooked an Egg with their Mobile Phones

cook an egg with mobile phones
Vladimir Lagovski and Andrei Moiseynko from Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper in Moscow decided to learn first-hand how harmful cell phones are. There is no magic in cooking with your cell phone. The secret is in the radio waves that the cell phone radiates.

The journalists created a simple microwave structure as shown in the picture. They called from one cell phone to the other and left both phones on talking mode. They placed a tape recorder next to phones to imitate sounds of speaking so the phones would stay on.
cook an egg with mobile phones
After, 15 minutes: The egg became slightly warm.

25 minutes: The egg became very warm.

40 minutes: The egg became very hot.

65 minutes: The egg was cooked. (As you can see.)
cook an egg with mobile phones
Conclusion 1: Cooking eggs with mobile phones is possible but very expensive ($4.55 or 123 Rubles)

Conclusion 2: All this talk of danger is exaggerated; even if your brain gets cooked, it would take a couple hours of talking on a cell phone.

Conclusion 3: We do not recommend carrying cell phone in your pants.
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This Chick Will Destroy You

MMA queen Satoko Shinashi eats her opponents for breakfast..
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Painfully Real Cuckoo Clock

Real Cuckoo Clock
Real Cuckoo Clock
The traditional Black Forrest Cuckoo Clock is creatively crucified by German artist and product designer, Michael Sans. This clock, simply titled "Cuckoo Clock", with materials consisting of; digital clock, metal housing, chromed nails and chain, cuckoo (died of natural causes in 1958). One of a kind-Not for sale.
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A grass snake Sid Tackling Super-sized Goldfish

Super-sized Goldfish
A grass snake called Sid, has taken to eating goldfish more than ten times the size of his head for dinner in the pond of the couple of Valerie and Raymond Bell in Appledore, near Ashford in Kent, UK. Luckily, the fish still survived after its master rapped the snake on the nose with a bean pole. Anyway, I am grieved for such a pity goldfish!
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"World's largest diamond" found in NW

World's largest diamond
A "diamond" twice the size of the world's largest - the 3,106-carat Cullinan , has been found in the North West Province of South Africa. The light green gemstone, which weighs an astonishing 6,000 carats or 42oz, valued at approximately £15million. Its ultimate value will depend on how clear it is and how many flaws it contains, such as cracks, gas bubbles or carbon marks.
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Aug 28, 2007

Girl blowing a bubble

A Girl blows 3 bubbles inside one
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Aug 22, 2007

Dress made from expired sanitary napkins

sanitary napkins

The nice dress was made from expired sanitary napkins by two Chinese students studying at Art Department of Chongqing Education Institute.Can you believe this beautiful dress just costs 60 RMB (about US$8)? The sanitary dress is not only creative, but also environmental-friendly!
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Aug 19, 2007

Cool Neat illusions

This is the "Way Cool Scientist" section of Bill Nye The Science Guy: The Brain episode. Pretty neat. They work very well
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Aug 18, 2007

comfortable position travelling in style on their motorbike.

travelling style
This is a picture of a couple travelling on Haikou's Nanhai Avenue, who have obviously found a new style
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Wind-Powered Cell Phone Charger

UK telecom giant Orange plans to sell a tiny wind-powered cell phone charger developed at the University of Texas at Arlington. The MOBILE WIND CHARGER charges a small "control box," which you can plug into with your phone for a full charge.
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Criss Angel-Carrot Top Pull Off AmazingTrick

This is an amazing trick
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How To Use A Second Flash


Have your lighting skills progressed so that now a single on-camera flash feels more limiting than liberating? You've got an inexpensive option: a second flash. Adding another light can open up creative floodgates, giving you professional effects at little cost. (The $136 flash, stand, and adapter rig described in the September 2006 Lighting column would be perfect. Just choose and use your flash carefully.


In terms of exposure, almost any hot-shoe flash will work as a second light. You're probably shooting digital and can check exposure on your camera's LCD, so you don't really need TTL exposure control. If the second, non-TTL flash is too bright, manually dial down its power or add some distance between it and your subject.

The problem is actually triggering the second flash. Many SLRs and DSLRs use a preflash to determine exposure, which can cause a conventional opticaltriggering device (often called a "peanut slave") to fire the off-camera flash prematurely. The solution? A new-generation, digital-savvy, optical slave that recognizes (and ignores) preflashes. One popular unit: the Wein PN Digital Peanut Slave ($35, street). It works with any accessory flash that has a PC-cord connection.
Putting It To Use

You'll find uses for your second flash at events and in product photos, but most of all in portraiture.

MAIN LIGHT: With your new off-camera flash as your main light, use your oncamera flash as fill by dialing down flash exposure compensation. Correctly positioned, the second flash creates shadows below the cheekbones, nose, and chin to shape your subject's face, something an on-camera flash alone rarely can do.

BACKGROUND LIGHT: Move the second flash behind your subject to separate the subject and background (see photos). Aim it at your subject's back, for example, to create a white highlight (rim light) around the hair and torso; this works best against a dark background. Or aim it at the ceiling to create a hair light. You could also turn it around to illuminate the background: Against a plain, dark wall, position it to create a small circle of light behind the head (a "halo"), or use it on the background to capture the environment.

EVENTS: At, say, an indoor wedding reception or cocktail party, place your second (or third) light discretely in a corner, aimed at the ceiling. It can open up backgrounds, fill any shadows cast by your main, on-camera light, and/or overpower or dilute ambient light of a contaminating color temperature (usually fluorescents, which produce green casts). Be careful: Aiming your camera directly at perimeter lights can introduce flare.

PRODUCTS: Shooting small items? Aim your second light at the ceiling at high power. In a small, white-walled space, this turns the entire room into a light tent. Dial down the power on your on-camera flash, and use it to fill in any shadows.

BACKUP: You're shooting your sister's wedding, and it's going great...until midway through the "I do's," your on-camera flash says, "I won't." It pops and sizzles, and the tube turns a scary brown. Good thing you've got that second flash!
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Aug 16, 2007

World’s largest nail mosaic

largest nail mosaic

The world’s largest nail mosaic was completed by Saimir Strati from Albania.This piece of work has entered the Guinness Book of World Records and remains uncontested till this day
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It took 1 million Post for MTN commercial - Stickies

It took 1 million Post-it's, 96 314 digital photographs using 2.5 terabytes of storage, 4.9 kilometers of 35mm film, 3 weeks of editing, and 83 hours in Flame to produce this 60 second commercial.With music from Fat Boy Slim.
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Aug 15, 2007

Awesome homeless drummer shows off his crazy skills

This guy sure has some serious skillz and knows how to make money.This is the street version of joey jordisons drum solo pretty awesome could go right in to slipknot as a stand in 4 joey lol.
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An Amorous Boy

An Amorous Boy
It makes me almost laugh off my teeth... lol
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Aug 14, 2007

World’s Most Expensive Desserts

The Fortress Aquamarine
The Fortress Aquamarine
The Fortress Aquamarine
The dessert above called The Fortress Aquamarine being sold at a restaurant in Sri Lanka costs $14,500, undeniably being the world's most expensive dessert. The two below costing over $1,000 are ranked as the second and third most expensive desserts
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A man from japan made some strange instruments

This guys a couple of years ago in Paris at the Japanese cultural center, in a performance / display of their inventions.It's great because they really keep the ambiguity between company showcase and, well, performing arts, or Art.
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Aug 13, 2007

The rubber ball guy

Funny have fun ...
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Chinese cabbages sculptures

cabbages sculptures

The Chinese cabbage looks delicious... Actually, this is a dough sculptures made by a local folk handicraftsman. The lifelike and lovely Chinese cabbages are shown in Mudanjiang City
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God in eggplant Amazing


Felicia Teske of Boothwyn, Delaware County was preparing fried eggplant for dinner. Upon slicing the eggplant she noticed that the seeds in one slice appeared to spell out the word "GOD". Her husband Paul looked at the sliced eggplant and couldn't believe it either, calling Action News. Felicia told Action News that she recently had family members pass away and it is comforting that "GOD" appeared.
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Aug 11, 2007

Malaysian completes "upside down" drawing in 20 seconds

Zhou Yali

Have you ever seen the "upside down" drawing technique!!! If not, here's your chance. Zhou Yali, 56, an artist from Malaysia mastered the unique technique after 10 years of study and research. He can now complete a simple upside down drawing within 20 seconds.
Normally, the drawing will face the drawer when he or she is drawing. However, using his "upside down" drawing method, Zhou can draw artworks that face away from him even while he is working on them.

Zhou started to be interested in drawing at the age of 30. Since then, he began to draw at least two hours a day. At times, he even spent the whole day drawing at home. However, he grew bored with the common drawing techniques 10 years ago. In order to challenge himself and come up with a more creative approach to drawing, he began working on an "upside down" drawing technique.

Zhou is going to open a class to pass on the technique. However, he emphasized that he is going to carefully select the students because learning the technique of "upside down" drawing requires great patience.
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Aug 9, 2007

Japanese Human Art

This Japaneses perform a great act for a TV Show called Kasou Taishou. It's amazing and very creative. There are so many like this one. Check out the Ping Pong and the Baseball Game
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Aug 8, 2007

A Little Message From An Interestingly Endowed Girl

A girl's webcam message ends with her showing... Well, not exactly what you might expect.
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Aug 7, 2007

Who knew Babes could do that?

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Largest merger of galaxies discovered

merger of galaxiesFour massive galaxies are colliding in the largest galactic merger ever seen, new observations reveal. The smash-up is shedding light on how the biggest galaxies in the universe form – and why many of them stopped giving birth to stars billions of years ago.

Astronomers classify mergers according to the relative sizes of the galaxies involved. Minor mergers unite galaxies of vastly different size – marrying a 'dwarf' galaxy with one the size of the Milky Way, for example – while major mergers join those of roughly equal size.

Now, researchers led by Kenneth Rines of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, have found the largest major merger ever seen. It involves a quartet of galaxies at the centre of a galactic cluster known as CL0958+4702, which lies about 5 billion light years from Earth.

Three of the merging galaxies are the size of the Milky Way, while the other is about three times as massive. "This is the largest major merger in terms of total stellar mass," Rines told New Scientist, adding that the next runner-up is the merger of two Milky Way-sized bodies known as the Antenna Galaxies.
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Aug 5, 2007

New way to keep cool in hot weather

Hot Chick
Several fashionable "beauties" try to keep cool during extremely hot weather (exceeded 30 degree Celsius) by drifting on sheepskin raft along the Yellow River in Lanzhou, northwest China's Gansu province
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Aug 3, 2007

Jellyfish clouds spotted in skies above Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Jellyfish clouds
Rare clouds in the shape of jellyfish have caused a sensation after being spotted in skies above Lutterworth, Leicestershire for the first time in a decade. The unusual clouds known as Altocumulus Castellanus have not been seen in Britain for 10 years.

Their presence indicates stormy weather may soon close in. The rare clouds' unique "jellyfish" shape forms when a rush of moist air comes from the Gulf Stream and gets trapped between layers of dry air. It is thought these probably developed as a result of recent tropical storms in the Atlantic.
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Aug 1, 2007

Awesome Ford Mustang make from 5,000 beer cans

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang
Amazing beer cans car!!! A Ford Mustang made entirely from empty beer cans was created by Jack Kirby, an art and design student recently. He used 5,000 empty beer cans to build the awesome beer can car when he realised that Budweiser was giving away his dream car, a 1965 Ford Mustang. To have a chance of winning a real Ford Mustang
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