Aug 9, 2006

Run On Water

One of the best Photograph I have ever seen .............

Its amazing


Anonymous said...

I've seen a similar image, well a video footage from the National Geographic wherein this lizard (I forgot what species) ran on the water's surface like it was solid ground.

Nature is truly amazing.

Talamasca on 11:32 PM said...

Neat photo. Love the scenery and all.

Anyhoo, thanks for the blog crash! Come back anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Feroz, thanks for the email. Let me know when you've added my site and I'll add yours, with best wishes, The Artist

rebeleyeball on 2:41 PM said...

I added you to my blog roll but I don't see a link back to my site. Are you going to post the link?

*eLLe* on 6:32 AM said...

tnx 4 visiting my blog :) nice pix you got there :)

Anonymous said...

umm....photoshop fake.

Riss on 11:05 AM said...

That is awesome.

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