Jun 10, 2008

21 signs a geek girl likes you

21 Signs a 'Geek Girl' is like errr, totally into You

1. She tells you your hard drive is much bigger than her ex-boyfriend's.

2. She makes a point of telling you how the system upgrade you did for her totally revolutionized her life.

3. She stops blogging in front of the TV and talks to you.

4. She gets shivers up her spine when you raw-code her HTML.

5. The first time you used the Command Prompt in front of her, she screamed in excitement.

6. She invites you to "302 back to my place" after a night out.

7. She doesn't cook you dinner — she defrags your hard drive.

8. She thinks you're much cuter in person than in World of Warcraft.

9. She devotes an entire blog entry to you.

10. She invites you to a romantic night at her place that involves popcorn and Tron.

11. She leaves you a love post - its written entirely in Visual Basic.

12. She "casually" invites you to come with her to the next Linux Expo.

13. She gives you her telephone number in binary.

14. She gives you lots of link love.

15. She regularly Diggs articles she thinks you'll like.

16. You've overheard her telling her friends you are "so 2.0."

17. She always tags you for memes.

18. She puts memory cards in your stocking for Christmas.

19. She always sides with you when someone brings up the "Mac vs. PC" debate.

20. She likes your black jeans.

21. She reminisces with you about those old-school Commodores you both had as kids.


Anonymous said...

ok this would be funny if i knew wat half the shit ur talkin bout was....

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