Oct 29, 2009

Wildlife pictures Zebra Escaping From A Crocodile

A wildebeest and a zebra escape from a crocodile in the Masai MaraThousands of wildebeest try to cross a swollen river in the Masai Mara Game Reserve

The animals herd together for safety, as massive crocodiles lie in wait to pick off a stray beast

One 20-foot crocodile tries to grab this wildebeest

but the wildebeest kicks out just as the croc is about to strike, and gets away

A herd of zebra enters the water, migrating from the short grass plains of the Serengeti into the Masai Mara Game Reserve

The crocodile makes a desperate lunge for one zebra

but the zebra uses the same trick as the wildebeest, and it too escapes
The reptile goes hungry on this occasion, but lies in wait for the next herd to brave the treacherous river


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